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White Dog Flowers
Locally sourced flowers whenever possible.

Rethink your relationship with flowers

locally grown flowers



White Dog Flowers is a small, family run flower farm situated on the lush farmland of Southern Wisconsin. My husband Joel and I live in an 1880 farmhouse in Oregon, WI with over 4 acres where we raise about 75 different types of flowers. We also have a brown and white Shih Tzu dog, Gary. He is the one who inspired the name for the Farm! Gary’s best friend is Fritz, our Red Flame Ragdoll cat.

We grow unusual heirloom flowers along with the most trendy, up and coming plants. You can find us at local farmer’s markets in the area. Keep watching for which markets we will be attending, and come back to our website often to see our featured bouquet of the week!

-Kris Nicewander


Upcoming Farmer’s Markets & Events

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We offer a wide variety of bouquets from farmer’s market style to elegant wedding arrangements.



Flower packages including candles and teddy bears coming soon!



Wedding decor items coming soon!


Sunflower bouquets now available