Hot & Steamy In July 2019

I think everyone in Wisconsin would agree that it has been pretty hot and steamy in this neck of the woods. From watching the news though, it looks like it has been hot all over the nation, so I guess we are all in it together!!

Last Saturday and Sunday,  I was at the farmer’s markets and it was pretty warm but I think myself and the flowers survived pretty well.  My Mom came out to help at both the Stoughton Market and the Monona Market and my husband Joel helped tear down at both.  I was surprised to see a co-worker at the Stoughton Market. It really was fun to chat with her and hear all about her goats, sheep, and chickens etc.!!!!!!!!!!!! This weekend I will only be at the Monona Market -  July 21 from 9 a. m.  to 1 p.m.

I finished up my seedling planting today and I must say it is a relief to be done. I won’t miss crawling around on my hands and knees sticking plants in the ground with sweat running off my head and deer flies buzzing my ears.

Our dog Gary has been pretty faithful coming out to keep me company as I work outside. People always wonder why we decided to call our business White Dog Flowers? Well, the business was named after Gary-our wonderful Shih Tzu. I’ve posted a picture of him on this blog. As I write this he is laying on the couch next me. I think Gary is worn out from the heat too and he says he really prefers the air conditioning at all times!

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